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So the other day at school I presented a PowerPoint on why gay marriage should be legal, and some random number texted me this just then. I don’t know who they are, but I might be able to ask around my school as it has to be someone in my class. I cropped the number out for privacy reasons.

(and the speech bubbles are coloured because I jailbroke my phone)

Anyway, it would be awesome if everyone reblogged this shit out of this. I want to send the person a screenshot of this post and the notes it gets, to prove to them that all of tumblr agrees with me. Thanks. :)




Can we please talk about the experiment who just made sandwiches throughout the entire series on Lilo & Stitch

look at him


friendly reminder that Rube had the same powers and strength as stitch, but had a higher intelligence resulting in him being able to speak perfectly….but instead of being obsessed with destroying cities…only cared about making sandwiches… 

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